Season 8 Coming soon

The new season of CatAList TV will premiere on Wednesday, September 20th. In the meantime, catch up on previous episodes!

What's CatAList you ask?

CatAList Television broadcasts a weekly variety of eclectic and relevant entertainment, news, and opinion to Occidental College students, staff, and alumni. We provide rising filmmakers, designers, performers, and artists with a highly visible platform to showcase their talents. We are committed to working with all facets of the Occidental community in order to promote a sense of awareness, equality and understanding through the entertaining and inspiring medium of television.


Get caught up on all the latest CatAList episodes from Season 7. Watch punny political pundit Mac Larsen on The Weekly Show; watch Flynn find love on the Oxy Bachelor; learn the ins and outs of Stewart-Cleland Hall on Keeping Up With Stewie; and finally get some Oxy lifehacks from resident Dr. Jeckyll Matt Parker/Tai Brozen. All this and more on this season of CatAList. 

CatAList is an incredible outlet to advertise your club, event, department or business. Our talented filmmakers will work with you to create your vision and produce a quality commercial. Click here to see some examples of our work and to learn more about advertising with us.


Comprised of a bunch of passionate Oxy students doing what they love, CatAList prides itself on creative expression and collaboration. Meet the crew that makes it all happen.