The Team


Danny Scharar

Head of Production

From organizing filmmakers to coordinating with the school, the Head of Production oversees all of CatAList operations. 


Ran Zhang

Creative and technical         Director


The Creative Director is in charge of all things aesthetic and technical that go into each CatAList episode. He or she is available to filmmakers, offering both technical skills and general creative advice. 


Sarah schiele

head editor

The head editor is responsible for aiding filmmakers in the post production process, compiling segments, and giving each episode of CatAList a cohesive and sharp style. 


JOsie Pesce

Programming & Marketing Director

The Programming & Marketing director communicates makes sure that the filmmakers and hosts are sticking to their deadlines while also managing the CatAList publicity. 


Rachel Goldfinger

Associate Editor

The associate editor assists the head editor in compiling segments by organizing footage, finding music, and making each episode feel unique and cohesive.