Staff Job Descriptions

Senior Staff

Programming and Marketing Director

First, this individual coordinates content on the episode week to week. This entails communicating heavily with filmmakers and hosts and holding them to their deadlines. In addition, he or she must work closely with the Head of Production to recruit and hire new shows and staff. His or her second responsibility is to manage publicity - this entails updating social media, sending a lot of emails, and generally plugging CatAList in all ways. Experience with publicity via social media is preferred. Must be very good at answering emails.

Creative Director

The Creative Director is in charge of all things aesthetic and technical that go into each CatAList episode. He or she will be available to filmmakers, offering both technical skills and general creative advice. The position will work closely with the Head of Production to coordinate filmmaker and host recruitment and plan creative content for each show. In addition, he or she will assist in providing feedback for each show every week to ensure that every member of the staff is improving and thriving. Finally, the Creative Director will be responsible for producing a monthly “CatAList Special” segment. Film production experience necessary.

Network Editor (2)

The Editors have a crucial role - compiling all CatAList segments into a weekly episode. The editors must also create templates such as the weather forecast, poll of the week, and events of the week. Must have editing experience in Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut Pro.

Graphic Designer

This individual creates original graphic content for the show. This includes title cards for segments as well as network templates (weather, poll of the week, etc). In addition, he or she will create posters and other print materials for publicity.

Commercial Director

A great position for those who have previously been filmmakers! The Commercial Director creates weekly advertisements for campus events and issues as well as local businesses. He or she must have a finger on the pulse of the campus and neighborhood  and use commercials strategically to connect CatAList to the wider community. Film production experience preferred but not required.

Web Designer

This position keeps updated with staff bios, new episodes, the poll of the week, and other news. Web editing experience encouraged but not required.

Network Composer

The Composer writes original music for the network, including jingles for individual shows.

Junior Staff

Assistant Commercial Director

Assist and train with the Commercial Director. No experience necessary

Assistant Graphic Designer

Assist and train with the Graphic Designer, learning programs and general best practices for CatAList graphics. No experience necessary.

Assistant Creative Director

Assist and train with the Creative Director. No experience necessary.